Progress Meetings

Date Meeting
19.06.2018 6th Progress Meeting, University of Strasbourg
26.10.2017 5th Progress Meeting, University of Genoa
09.06.2017 4th Progress Meeting, University of Pisa
01-02.12.2016 Mid-Term Review Meeting, University College London
26.09.2016 3rd Progress Meeting, SURFLAY
29.02.2016 2nd Progress Meeting, University College London
31.08.2015 1st Progress Meeting, University of Strasbourg
02.03.2015 Kick-Off Meeting, University College London


Conferences, schools and workshops


Date Event
20-22.06.2018 E-MRS Spring Meeting 2018 – Sympsosium U “Advanced materials and architecture for organic, printable and bio-inspired photonics” (Strasbourg, France) organised by SYNCHRONICS
27.10.2017 Phd students as a bRidge bEtween SciencE aNd soCiEty (PRESENCE) (Genoa, Italy) organised by SYNCHRONICS
06-08.06.2017 Optical characterization of photonic structures International School (Pisa, Italy) organised by SYNCHRONICS
05-06.06.2017 3rd Workshop – Photonic devices for bio components, UNI-PI, organised by SYNCHRONICS
26.09 – 30.09.2016 SYNCHRONICS has attended the European Optical Society Bi-Annual Meeting 2016 (EOSAM) in Berlin
27.09.2016 2nd Workshop – Exploitation and valorisation of research, SURFLAY, organised by SYNCHRONICS
01.03 – 03.03.2016 Advanced Optical Materials and Devices International School (London) organised by SYNCHRONICS together with other two EU-funded Initial Training Networks, iSwitch and OSNIRO
01.09 – 05.09.2015 SYNCHRONICS has attended the 13th European Conference on Molecular Electronics (ECME) in Strasbourg
01.09.2015 1st Workshop, on Communication skills for early stage scientists, University of Strasbourg, organised by SYNCHRONICS